Why Do I Need To Change My Address While Moving To My Post Box?

Nov 05

In today’s life there are so many scams!!!!

All over the world and each and every state. Now we get to the frequently asked question: Why do I need to change my address while moving to my post box.

Quite easy answer!!!

No debt collector in today’s life are willing or even have the time to get investigators to look for you each time you move. Any way there are so many people that still believe they can stay in someone’s house or flat and if the heat is heating up , they are ready to move. AGAIN.

In my opinion , if you are really honest and want to live happily. Change your address to you post box as soon no even before you start packing for the move.

Just yesterday I thought by myself. Now I understand why the human beings is getting so upset so quickly.lt’s such a hectic and fast live we are living in today , and so easy just to say : ” Oh , I’m sorry I forgot”

Well do you really forget to get up in the morning? Didn’t think so. Just to go after money each day.

When are you willing to stop ,just for a second and think. Think about the people that gave you your job that you needed so urgently. Think about the people that gave you the credit for that brand new car you are driving , or the brand new house you are living in.

Did you get your cellphone contract you desperately prayed for?Did you ever , ever think about all that people? That they also need a salary to compensate towards their own responsibilities. Where do you think that money comes from? From all the people that just don’t have the time or maybe they don’t feel like it ,just to pick up the phone and change their address to the post box.No one but no one is stopping you from changing it back again once you are settled in your new home.

We all are depending on each other to survive , but nothing of this will work ever if we don’t want the sun to shine over all of us. Just go out your door in the morning , you will see the sun is actually shining over me you and even the people that needs to know if and when you are moving.

Then??? Why don’t you just pick up the phone and let them know. Do the right thing!! As soon as you decide to move , change your address to you postal address. I promise you, you will save you and your family a lot of effort and possible sadness. Just try this!

I don’t think that you will regret this later on because you now know that your brand new car won’t be repossessed by the bank , and this all just because you’ve decided you want to be honest and let them know. Just stop one day , even use your Iunchtime , pick up the phone and call. I’ve never heard of one human walking this earth without a heart. Explain and just put up your postal address